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N95 Mask

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N95 Mask

Cargos: N95 Mask, according to the shape of the mask, including cup type mask and fold type mask.

Description: the protection of N95, means following the NIOSH standard testing conditions, masks filtration efficiency reached 95% for non-oily particles (such as dust, acid fog, mist, microorganisms, etc) .


1.Should wash their hands before wearing masks, or avoid hand touching the mask face and profile during wear mask, reduce the pollution of the mask.

2. Recognise mask inside and outside, up and down.

3. Do not use hand to squeeze the masks, N95 masks always stop the virus isolation in the surface of masks, if squeeze the masks, the virus droplets will wet the masks easily and cause infection.

4. Make the mask good seal with your face. Simple test method: put on the mask, air can't leak out from the mask edges when you expirer hardly.

5. The user better to scrape beard, beard and other things between the mask seal and face, could cause the mask appearing leakage.

6. According your face to adjust the mask position, then use index finger to press the mask nose clip, making it clingy to face.

Change a new mask when meet followings:

1. Respiratory impedance is increased obviously;

2. Mask is any breakage or damage;

3. The mask and face cannot fit tightly ;

4. Mask is contaminated (such as contaminated with blood /droplets and other things );

5. Mask is infected (such as already be used in hospital or touch patients);

6. Masks is peculiar smell;

7. Masks used exceed recommended hours.

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