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Medical Infrared Thermometer

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Medical Infrared Thermometer

Cargo: Medical Infrared Thermometer.

Description: Medical Infrared Thermometer (infrared thermometer) for measuring body temperature, very simple and convenient. Accurate temperature in 1 second, no laser point to avoid the potential damage to eyes, non-contact skin, avoid cross-infection, measure temperature by clicking 1 key, screening the flu. Suitable for home users, large enterprises and institutions, hotels, libraries, can also be used in hospitals, schools, customs, airport, etc, also be used by medical staffs in the clinic.

Usage: the point which above the nose and two eyes middle surface, its temperature is the most close to normal body, so put the thermometer near this point 5-6 cm away to click the key. Accuracy:+/- 0.3,could do non-contact safety inspection quickly. If temper alarm, the people need do hospital diagnosis on time to prevention and cure.

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