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Medical glasses

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Medical glasses

Cargo: Medical glasses

Description: Medical glasses is used when the doctor operating, it is a kind of protective glasses, also known as an eye mask. Can prevent some potions or blood spray to the face, thus protection for your eyes, the glasses and masks, surgical cap commonly used, the action of comprehensive protection for the doctor's head.

The functions :

1. Prevent blood, potions and other harm the skin liquid unpredictable damage to the eye.

2. When the operation can prevent melee, the object of the impact of the eye.

3. The eye mask internal space is enough big, is suitable for the doctors to use wear myopia glasses.

4. Must be better permeability, generally has air holes

The materials and performances: 

1. Corrosion resistance: such glasses special working environment, often in contact with some corrosive strong potion, so must adopt anticorrosion performance good material, such as a PC.

2. The impact:

3. Good anti-fog:

4. Must be better permeability, generally has air holes

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